"Marie Kondo" Your Legal Department.

Lifestyle and organization consultant, Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix. In the show, she encourages participants to get rid of clutter by considering which things “spark joy” in their lives, and then getting rid of anything that fails to meet the test. It is about time that legal services received a similar treatment.

Legal services are often times inefficient and confusing.  All too often, the work product takes a long time to produce.  And then, when the consumer (client) takes a look at the work product, they do not understand the advice they have been given or how to use it in practice.  On the other hand, lawyers may feel like the time and complexity of work is purely a byproduct of the sophistication that is needed to get their job done well – despite what the client may think.  This disconnect is common – and solutions are available.

The Korum Process Methodology (KPM) is designed to address this tension, or as Marie would say “spark joy” in your legal department.   We have developed a proprietary method that helps re-engineer the way that legal services are delivered.  First, we can help lawyers make sure that their legal processes are lean – focusing on “decluttering” and cutting out inefficiency and waste by creating a process map and redesigning it, including how technology is used, to be streamlined and focused.  Second, KPM helps “bring joy” and elevate the sophistication of consumers of legal advice by helping them to define “value” in their legal services – and then ensures that their lawyers are laser-focused on delivering that value when they do their work. 

KPM has delivered measurable efficiency gains that have saved hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for our clients.  If you are ready to learn more about how to drive efficiency and value in your legal practice (and perhaps even spark some joy), get in touch with Natasha Norton (GM Operations & Growth).

Bill Novomisle