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Your easy and accessible legal support solution.
Transparent pricing with a simple engagement process.

Your engagement process.

Discuss your needs with a member of our HQ team.

Agree on KorumLegal solution and pricing.

Receive agreement proposal within 48 hours through our Axceller platform.

Meet with your relevant KorumLegal consultant, team or expert to kick-start assignment.

We will regularly check-in to ensure all is running smoothly.

After an assignment is successfully delivered, we will seek feedback from you and incorporate learnings into our processes to ensure continuous improvement.

Your contacts.

South-East Asia.

Rob Shakespeare

GM & Managing Consultant - SEA

Estefania Altuve

Head of Client Solutions

North Asia.

Bill Novomisle

GM & Managing Consultant
- Process + Tech

Matt Roberts

Client Solutions Manager - APAC

Europe, Middle-East & Africa.

Danh Nguyen

GM & Managing Consultant -EMEA

Sarah Leighton

Client Solutions Manager

Australia & New Zealand.

Titus Rahiri

CEO & Founder

Tessa Whittle

Head of Legal & Managing Consultant