We're here to make your life easy and law accessible. Our engagement model is simple and our pricing is transparent.

1. Understand your needs

We'll discuss your requirements, budget and timeframe.

2. Propose solutions

We'll propose a flexible solution that fits your needs and identify legal consultants using our web platform Axceller.

3. Kick off &

Our consultant will start their assignment and we will check-in regularly to ensure all is running smoothly.

4. Assignment review

At the end of the assignment, we'll debrief with you as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

our pricing model

We value lean law. We don’t have Ivory Towers and therefore don’t charge BigLaw rates – we offer fixed rates & cost savings of up to 60% of traditional players.

our flexible pricing options:

  • Fixed Fees
  • Hourly Rates
  • Daily Rates
  • Monthly Rates
  • Project Rates
  • Bulk "Hour" Packages
  • More...