Diversity and Inclusion Policy.


At KorumLegal we embrace diversity and are committed to creating an atmosphere of inclusion. We understand the value and benefits this brings to our people, our consultant community and our customers. Diversity and inclusion are integral to our goal of “Doing law differently, through design, delivery and value”.

What do we mean by Diversity and Inclusion?

Diversity – acknowledging, appreciating and celebrating difference.

Whether that is differences related to gender, age, culture, ethnicity, race, disability, family status, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity as well as differences in background, skills, work styles, perspectives and experience.

Inclusion – understanding, accepting and encouraging differences.

Where we build a work environment where our team have a sense of belonging, feel respected and truly valued.

Diversity and Inclusion at KorumLegal – our guiding principles

  • We recognise our success is our people - when our team are truly engaged and feel they contribute to the business we know success follows. In order to achieve this, our individual differences need to be supported, respected and valued. We regularly check the “vibe” of our employees so we can monitor and assess engagement levels and have implemented a mentoring programme (for our HQ team and our consultant community).
  • We have a responsibility to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times – our people all play a role in creating and maintaining a work environment built on a foundation of diversity equity that encourages and enforces respectful communication and cooperation within our team and our consultant and customer communities.
  • We encourage collaboration – diverse opinions, perspectives and experiences create a platform for innovation, creativity and growth. Everyone is equal and there is room for different opinions. At KorumLegal, strategy is not imposed by leadership but created by the team. Business initiatives are worked on by cross functional teams.
  • We support flexible working practices – an agile work environment supports our people and our consultant community so that they can fulfil their professional career goals but balance against whatever life brings. It also makes sense for our customers as we can tailor legal solutions to meet their varying needs for legal support.
  • We are committed to fairness in our people processes – we want to attract and retain diverse talent as we know this builds a richer community. Our recruitment and acquisition processes are designed so that we identify and consider varied skills, experiences, and talent. Our policy is equal remuneration for equal work and rewards / benefits and not based on gender but objective outcomes.
  • We champion diversity and inclusiveness in the legal community – we encourage our people to support and champion diversity and use our KorumLegal voice to promote a greater understanding and respect for diversity.