our aspiration

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Shake up, disrupt and inject new life into how legal services are provided

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Provide innovative flexible legal solutions, which are catered to what clients want and need, not what is just available

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Challenge traditional legal services, so stuck in their ways – expensive, inaccessible and complex

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our motivation

Legal solutions should be flexible, smart, innovative and lean. Our team has a great passion for legal solutions done differently and we love working with our great clients. We are inspired by the future of legal services and the opportunity to be a pioneer in shaping tomorrow’s legal solutions today. At the end of the day we want to leave the office with a sense of genuine satisfaction, pride for our work, and knowing we have exceeded our client’s expectations and experience.

our community

Our team and community of consultants have broken away from a variety of “traditional” legal services industries, including: Big Law, in-house counsel, legal business development and legal recruitment. We are smart legal experts who are doing things differently in the business of law.

what does "korum" mean?

Inspired by our collaborative and innovative approach to legal services. The name ‘Korum’ is a play on the legal word quorum which is about bringing a number of people together in order to transact business. It also uses the word ‘koru’ which is a Maori (NZ) word symbolising the spiral shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond – and signifies new life, growth and strength.