LegalTech Soapbox: Develop your daily operations with Ligalis.

Farid Nor is the Managing Director of Global Digital Technologies Sdn Bhd. He Graduated from Pennsylvania State University in the US with a Chemical Engineering degree. He is now a tech startup founder in Kuala Lumpur. Farid's passion has always been in web technology and its application in the business environment. At present, he is the founder of Ligalis, an end-to-end law practice management solution that helps firms run efficiently from anywhere, provides an exceptional client experience, and can easily track firm performance. It streamlines day-to-day back office processes for firms in one, easy to adopt solution. It also helps law firms with lead tracking, client intake, case management, billing, payments and more.

1. Hi Farid , tell us the story behind Ligalis. 

We came up with the idea to develop a legal practice management software while doing research on Legal Entity Management. We spoke to a few company secretaries and lawyers and we realised that not many lawyers here in Malaysia are adopting any kind of cloud tech in their working environment. When we did our study on the market, we realised that most of the legal practice management software in the market are expensive, by the normal standard if they are just invoicing software without time tracker. That's when we decided to develop a solution that is  affordable for lawyers.

2. What are the services or products that Ligalis provides?

At present, Ligalis is offering affordable cloud legal practice management software for solo lawyers or small law firms. Our solution helps lawyers to streamline their back office affairs, speed up the time it takes to generate quotes and invoices to their prospects and clients, actively monitor their legal practice's business metrics and manage their business data that is easily accessible in one place through any digital devices.

3. How does the above optimise the daily operations of an in-house legal team/ law firm? 

Speed of action! Our SimpleCRM feature in Ligalis helps to speed up the time it takes to issue quotes to the clients. If lawyers keep on getting similar case inquiries from the prospects, they can easily generate the Quote from the Quote template.

While managing the clients' matters, sometimes lawyers may need to execute the same set of tasks. This can be resolved easily with our Workstream feature. Workstream is a set of templated tasks, which they can deploy regarding any clients' matter. It will save a lot of lawyer's time to re-create the same redundant task if they need to manage multiple matters of the same nature.

Lawyers, can work collaboratively with co-counsel and their team members in discussing the matter in the notes section. The Notes section also helps lawyers to either keep the note to themselves, or they can also send updates to their clients as a means of case management. Should there be any update in the notes section, lawyers can set any relevant contacts that should be made aware of this update by setting up a notification for this note. Email notification will automatically be sent to the relevant contacts related to the matter when the note is updated.

4. What do you believe will be the most significant change in how in-house legal teams use technology in the next 10 years?

It may sound cliche, but we think AI will have a significant impact in assisting lawyers to summarise case judgement, case facts, contract drafting process, IP infringement cases etc. Lawyers will need to see AI not as the lawyer replacement, as much as the media likes to paint it that way, but as complementary to what lawyers are doing right now. 

Lily Evans and Farid Nor