KorumLegal Consultant: Ummu Fallon explores how ALSPs bring flexibility, diverse perspectives and adaptability to businesses.

Ummu Fallon has been a legal operations professional since 2017 with experiences across multiple jurisdictions. She has dedicated expertise in legal operations within in-house legal departments with focus on Legal Technologies, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Process Streamlining and Optimisation, Vendor Management, Project Management, Knowledge Management, Matter Management, Data management, Document Management and Spend Management. Ummu is a highly organised and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results. She has a proven track record of  successfully implementing multiple  legal technologies within targeted timeframes and high percentage of return on investments (ROI).

1. Hi Ummu! Can you tell us a little about the work you are currently doing / have been doing? 

Recently, I provided guidance and served as a legal engineer for a Smart Charging Station and  Software company. Operating across various jurisdictions, I collaborated with their in-house legal team to revamp the company's procurement legal review procedures. This involved streamlining and integrating them into a cohesive master workflow within their selected Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform. Additionally, I offered recommendations on maintaining best practices  for their CLM and utilising the features available to them

2. What made you take the leap into working in NewLaw for ALSP's? And why is it a good fit for you?

I have always had an interest in ALSP's for some time now and had the opportunity to leverage these type of services in various in-house legal positions. I have seen firsthand the invaluable support that ALSP's offer to in-house legal teams, providing specialised skills that may not be a within the team’s specialties. Moreover, ALSP's bring flexibility, diverse perspectives, and adaptability to changing business needs, enhancing overall effectiveness.

3. What's the most rewarding assignment you've ever had and why? 

I have enjoyed all of my legal operations projects thus far, but one that particularly shines is the implementation of a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool for an in-house legal team. The  significance of legal technology becomes unmistakably apparent when you witness the tangible impact it has post-implementation. The time invested in administrative aspects of legal negotiations  sees a remarkable reduction, thanks to the automation provided by the CLM, which handles a majority, if not all, of these tasks. 

4. As an experienced NewLaw/ ALSP consultant, where do you see NewLaw/ ALSP fitting into the matrix of the legal sector and how have you seen it evolve?

It was undeniably a niche market initially, but I've observed its rapid evolution over the years. Nowadays, it's common to encounter several ALSP stands at global LegalTech events and conferences. Personally, I find great satisfaction in being part of this wave of innovation and am grateful for the opportunity to be at the forefront of such a dynamic concept. ALSPs offer a level of flexibility and dynamism that caters to diverse in-house legal needs, making it evident that their demand will only continue to grow in the years ahead. 

5. What trends do you expect to see in the legal services industry in the next 5 years? 

I anticipate that the momentum of AI and machine learning will persist. The incorporation of AI into CLM systems is becoming more widespread, and it's fascinating to witness its influence on the 
optimisation or potential drawbacks of legal reviews. Additionally, legal analytics, CLMs, and legal operations are poised to remain significant trends over the next five years, as they complement each other effectively. Legal Operations, while still emerging in Europe and Asia, is gaining momentum and proving indispensable in the legal services sector. It's evident that the market demands not only legal services but also relies on legal ops services to streamline operations.

6. Your favourite tune? And why? 

Anything by Ben Howard. His songs always make me feel like listening to poetry with a profound depth to his lyrics that resonates deeply.

Lily Evans and Ummu Fallon.