Independent automotive manufacturer


Marelli, a leading independent automotive manufacturer that formed in 2019 with the merger of two successful global automotive manufacturers. They had a desire to embark on a transformation journey to become an integrated and highly-visible and valued strategic business partner leveraging best practice and technology in a cost-effective manner.

Marelli engaged KorumLegal as its preferred process and tech consulting experts to:

  • perform an audit on its existing processes, ways of working, structures, and technology needs;
  • recommend solutions to optimise and redesign those processes, structures, and ways of working; and
  • formulate a blueprint for its L&C team structure and technology roadmap.


KorumLegal performed a ‘health check’ on the Marelli L&C department’s existing team structures, work processes, ways of working, and technology use. From our diagnostic work, we created a blueprint for a new ‘Team Operating Model’. The model sets out several recommendations on the optimal organisational design, ways to redesign and enhance workflows, processes and ways of working. As a result of our recommendations, Marelli has begun to implement its bespoke Team Operating Model and has also started to review, design, and implement new work processes and practices.

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