Top 5 Legal Podcasts - Our Picks for Holiday Listening.

If you find yourself craving some legal content over the holiday season, these will have you well covered. Here are our top 5 picks for legal podcasts.


  1. Legal Current - Thomson Reuters Legal hosts a weekly podcast featuring information and commentary on the business and practice of law.
  2. Building NewLaw - Peter Aprile, along with co-host Natalie Worsfold interview lawyers, legal technologists, and other like-minded people that are changing the way that we practice law.
  3. The Legal Toolkit - A comprehensive resource for professionals in law practice management. Each month, host Jared Correia invites forward-thinking lawyers to discuss the services, ideas, and programs that have improved their practices.
  4. BBC Law in Action - Joshua Rozenberg presents Radio 4's long-running weekly podcast, featuring reports and discussions on matters relating to law.
  5. Thinking Like a Lawyer - Featuring Above the Law’s Elie Mystal and Joe Patrice. This podcast takes a topic experienced and enjoyed by regular people, and shines it through the prism of a legal framework.