The "C2 Partnership".


The C2 Partnership is a partnership between consultants and customers. The flexible resourcing model is one that benefits both parties and in this video, Ominder takes you through what some of the mutual benefits are. 

The partnership enables you to reap mutual benefits. It’s vital that it generates specific advantage & value for both parties (i.e., the Customer & Consultant) to ensure the ongoing commitment for a sustainable collaboration. It shouldn’t be viewed as a one-way street where it’s all about making the most out of the consultant. It should be a win-win alliance - it should be what I call the "C2 Partnership".

So, what are some of the mutual benefits? 

On the Customer side:

  • The consultant brings in significant knowledge and expertise
    • They wouldn’t necessarily require the handholding needed for a fresher for instance.
    • He/she would be able to pick up work spontaneously. Often times these assignments are urgent in nature so you just need someone capable to come in quickly and hit the ground running.
  • Bring in talent to work on specific projects (like M&A or new market entry)
    • Subject matter experts can be engaged across jurisdictions, solely focused on a specific project where a certain expertise is essential.
    • For shorter term projects its often cost-effective to plug in a specialist lawyer than making a perm hire.
  • Seconding a talent that would be a cultural fit for your team
    • Most of our consultants are flexible and adaptable to various organisational cultures & structures as they have worked in different industries and organisations throughout their legal career.
  • Inject a sense of newness/freshness
    • This consultant might have been exposed to things your legal team has not, having worked on different projects previously with different organisations
    • He/she would be able to add value through their ability to view a situation from a different perspective that might create a promising outcome.

On the Consultant side:

  • An opportunity to grow your portfolio/career
    • It allows you to explore a different industry
    • for instance, navigating into FinTech from financial services or moving from a general commercial role to a more specialist one [e.g. data privacy, cyber security or even legal ops]
  • Helps support career transition/continuity
    • Allowing you to move from private practice to in-house or when you’re impacted with significant events like a job loss.
    • The turnaround time to be engaged for an assignment is relatively quicker as you’re able to bypass the regular HR hiring processes.
  • Autonomy and flexibility over career
    • Legal consultancy allows you to design your legal career which means that you can select shorter term commitments or project-based work to fit your chosen lifestyle

So, this is how the "C2 Partnership" allows both customers and consultants to reap the benefits of this collaboration.

If you'd like to know more about this, please reach out to our team.

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Ominderdip Kaur