LegalTech Soapbox: Improve your daily operations with Outlaw.

Outlaw’s Co-Founder and CEO, Evan Schneyer, started his first tech company a decade ago. It later sold to TripAdvisor, and the experience left him inspired and determined to build a platform that would help users through the contract process. That’s when he and co-founder Dan Dalzotto created Outlaw, an end-to-end contract management platform. Dan has 15 years of commercial experience as a hands-on digital designer. He began his career in Australia before moving to New York City in 2013. In 2017, Dan co-founded the legal-tech platform, Outlaw, leading brand and product from day 0 to acquisition in 2021. Dan believes in shipping quickly, surrounding yourself with talented individuals, and taking big risks in your career.

1. Tell us the story behind Outlaw. 

Outlaw was founded with the vision of creating a better end-to-end contract experience for business professionals. From the very start, our north star has been the idea that if two people are in agreement in plain English and are inclined to move forward, they should be able to enter into a contractual agreement in a matter of minutes. We realised that we needed to actually take a step back and build the right document format, hence the creation of Outlaw. In May 2021, Outlaw became Filevine’s largest acquisition, making Filevine the only legal tech platform that could seamlessly integrate your documents with your database.  

2. What are the services or products that Outlaw provides?

Outlaw is a modern, best-in-class contract management platform, offering robust template-based contract creation and management, end-to-end negotiation flow, redlining and eSignature functionality. We offer powerful AI-driven tools to help extract key information, review against standardised language and provide insights into potential risks.

3. How does the above optimise the daily operations of an in-house legal team/ law firm? 

Outlaw has several features that optimize daily operations: 
  • Templates and clause libraries ("playbooks") ensure the right language is being used across your team, allowing anyone to search and insert key clauses and sections as needed.
  • Custom workflows allow teams to set up phases and approval groups that match their existing operational flows.
  • Custom reporting and dashboards to focus individuals or teams on the status of contracts and what is most important. Our global search function can find and filter contracts by text, metadata, signing parties, contract phase, and more. Built-in eSignature means you don't need to integrate with third parties or manage independent, external copies of a contract just for signing.
  • Full support for importing and exporting to PDF and .docx formats, along with a Word plugin allows you to continue working in the way you want while leveraging Outlaw's powerful repository and reporting features.

4. What do you believe will be the most significant change in how in-house legal teams use technology in the next 10 years?

We believe leveraging the emerging AI platforms and their capabilities will continue to dramatically change the CLM landscape in the coming years. It is already allowing firms to streamline much of their day to day processes, allowing them to focus on more expertise-driven, critical aspects of their work.

Lily Evans, Evan Schneyer and Dan Dalzotto