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WEBINAR: Future of Work and Driving Company Performance: Boundary-less Working.

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Lewis Garrad, Career Business Leader and Partner at Mercer, hosted a webinar on the future of work and how to drive company performance for our team and our wider community. In this insightful and timely session, Lewis takes us through the new shape of work and how the past 18 months has accelerated, what he calls, 'boundary-less' working. We recommend everyone to give this a listen. 

Here are some key takeaways:

1. Human complexity is hard to replace - the pandemic has been all about digital transformation and adopting technology, leading many people to question 'Will a machine take my job?' However, despite the benefits of technology, it's been proven that technology cannot replace humans as machines cannot learn most of the jobs humans do. 

2. Shift in organisational structures - organisations typically have a hierarchical structure with teams working in silos. There's been a rise now to a more agile structure with tribes / skill clusters with the leader working with everyone to prioritise and create a more collaborative environment. 

3. Boring management is surprisingly effective - leaders are sought out to be bold, charismatic and ambitious but throughout the pandemic, we have started to see new leadership styles emerging as we see a shift from these kind of leaders to "boring" leaders who are humble, have good vision, and believe in collective success

Are you implementing any measures or policies in response to the challenges presented by the pandemic? We'd love to hear them.

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