KorumLegal Consultant: Vivek Nittala reflects on working for an ALSP and how it provides career satisfaction.

Vivek is a New York admitted Corporate Counsel with over 8 years’ legal advisory experience in cross-border commercial transactions, asset management, VC financing, and M&A due diligence. He has in-depth knowledge and experience working in APAC and US. Through years of practice as an attorney in the US, Hong Kong and India, he has honed his communication, strategic thinking, and risk management skills, making him a trusted advisor to C-level management and effective negotiator involved in multi-million USD commercial contracts. As a former SAP consultant, Vivek also has a deep understanding and experience in business process optimisation and project management, and he has applied these skills to oversee the implementation of legal practice management software to enhance productivity. Vivek specialises in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements. He also directs legal due diligence, ensuring high standards of risk assessment and management, regulatory compliance, and protection of stakeholders’ rights. Vivek is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.

1. Hi Vivek! Can you tell us a little about the work you are currently doing / have been doing? 

I am currently on assignment for a global fintech company that specialises in cross-border payments with a focus on the APAC region and Europe.  My role as an in-house external legal counsel is to work with the corporate and commercial teams primarily focused on transactional matters as well as some corporate matters.  I previously worked for block.one and Bitmex where I was legal counsel also in their corporate/commercial legal teams, so I have a fair amount of experience in this sector.  

2. What made you take the leap into working in NewLaw for ALSP's? And why is it a good fit for you?

The main reason that this is a good fit is because I get to see different projects that other companies are working on and it brings career satisfaction on being part of a journey to help clients scale up their product.  It is always amazing to see how technology is being developed and utilised in different sectors.  

3.  What is your most rewarding career experience? 

In the early stages of my career when I was training as a trial attorney (barrister), I did a stint in a specialised court that provided rehabilitation options for drug offenders as opposed to prison terms.  It was truly inspiring to see many of the enrollees in this program trying to complete the requirements in very difficult circumstances and also trying to manage the many mental health issues that led them to using drugs in the first place.  My most rewarding moment was attending the "graduation day" when the enrollees officially completed the program. Some enrollees had been in the program for close to five years and they developed an incredible support network with each other.  

4. As an experienced NewLaw/ ALSP consultant, where do you see NewLaw/ ALSP fitting into the matrix of the legal sector and how have you seen it evolve?

I think where NewLaw/ALSP really thrives is thinking a bit beyond just the law.  It is also about optimising the process and looking at ways to increase efficiency in legal teams that will reduce overall costs.  

5. What trends do you expect to see in the legal services industry in the next 5 years? 

I can see AI playing a major role in the legal industry in the next few years.  I won't go so far as to say it will totally "disrupt" the industry and everything will suddenly become automated, but AI tools will certainly increase productivity in tasks such as contract drafting and legal research.  In my view, AI tools will complement a practitioner's role rather than being an outright replacement of an attorney.  

6. Your favourite tune? And why? 

I grew up in the Caribbean, so my favourite music genres are reggae and ska. My favourite song has to be Toots and the Maytals' Pressure Drop. It is uplifting and you can feel the late Toots Hibbert's energy when you listen to the original track. 


Lily Evans and Vivek Nittala