Legal Consultant Profiles: "The Flexible Traveller" - Carlos Sanchez-Webb.

1. What path lead you to be attracted you to legal consulting and the flexible work model?

The flexibility on offer was the initial driver as it allowed me to pursue my studies whilst continuing to work, but since joining the gig economy I have quickly learned that the opportunity to choose the value you attribute to the work you produce is a lot more satisfying.

Carlos Chill

2. What are the main advantages to you of the NewLaw model?

In contrast to the BigLaw model, NewLaw provides flexibility in the use of resources and technology, which has given me the opportunity to participate in this space. Although I am not a lawyer by profession, I am able to contribute to the NewLaw model by applying my experience in the Fintech and Payments industry, when clients require specific insight which I have gained through my years of practice. 

3. Describe how you "engage" with the flexible working model?

The flexible working model was a big shift from my usual 9 to 5. The biggest was finding myself completely engaged in the work I was doing. Having the ability to decide the work I was taking on the extent of the commitment gave me a sense of empowerment in my job which is very satisfying. 

4. What kind of clients have you worked with and on what type of matters?

I specialize in the Fintech and Payments space so the clientele I generally partner with are seeking help in this area. Although I have worked in this space for quite some time, I find it satisfying when I can apply my knowledge to resolve a matter. The nature of the flexible working model makes it so I can repeat this process often which has made it enjoyable, and where it’s not, I know it’s OK because it is only for a short period.

5. What's the biggest challenge of moving out of and away from traditional law structures? What surprised you about working in NewLaw?

The biggest challenge is knowing that you can’t get too attached to a project, I am very passionate about the work I do and like to dive head deep into things when trying to resolve a matter. However, because of the nature of the work and flexibility you must respect, sometime this is not possible, which means I must pull back on what is second nature for me. My biggest surprise since working in this space has been realizing that I could leverage a lot more of what I have learned over the years. There is a lot you learn from your previous jobs that you store away because in bigger organizations there is someone that does that task. When consulting you have to be resourceful and know a little of everything. Having seen what all I can apply was been a pleasant surprise for me.

6. Was making the transition to NewLaw worth it? Why?

No doubt! The experience has been very rewarding. Not only is the flexibility a perk but also the satisfaction you get from contributing to work you enjoy. I am based in Berlin, Germany - a city that I love - and the flexibility of the NewLaw model allows me to do this.  I work for global clients, with a focus in Asia, but the great benefit of the NewLaw model is that it is tech enabled so I can do this from anywhere!  I also get to do a bit of travel to London, Hong Kong and Bangkok.